Use your Dynamics NAV on Windows 8

Try the MobileNAV functionality on your Windows 8 device.

New release (4.2) of MobileNAV on WINDOWS PHONE platform!

New release (4.2) of MobileNAV with hot features!

In the new version you can...

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After the introduction of MobileNAV: 30% reduction in stock

Use your Dynamics NAV (Navision) on Windows Phone!

Try the MobileNAV functionality on your Windows Phone device.

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Online and offline

The mobile application is able to operate without internet connection. It records every modification in offline mode then syncronizes the modifications with the Dynamics NAV (Navision) server when you go online.

Deeply integrated

It is deeply integrated to the Dynamics NAV (Navision) system thus it is able to run the same business logic as the all so familiar classic or RTC clients.

Out of the box

Many basic Dynamics NAV (Navision) modules can be used immediately without customizing: sales, service, warehouse, production, project.


Since every company is unique, we designed the mobile application to be as easily and quickly configurable just like the Dynamics NAV (Navision) system itself.

Easy to use

With it’s ergonomic and intuitive user interface it can be used right away, even without training.

Function rich

Many functions help the workflow to get more efficient. For instance, the barcode scanner, PDF and Excel preview, direct printing, digital signature capture, integrated map, e-mail, telephone and browser functionality, and so on.

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Customer testimonials:
We have been very impressed with the services and product provided by MultiSoft and would definitely recommend you to organisations with needs similar to ours.

Tom Stevens, Trade Marketing Manager

Creating a new feature for mobiles and integrate to NAV – it’s just a few clicks. Lightning fast development with less bugs – that’s what you get from MobileNAV.


rEVOLUTION Software Kft.
MobileNAV is one of the best NAV AddOn since we have started to work with NAV.
It opens up a whole new world extending NAV, with mobile features.


rEVOLUTION Software Kft.
Through streamlining the processes with MobileNAV, we could strengthen the partnership with our customers.

János HATT

RÉCIA Dynamics Kft.
We closed 2012 with 30% less goods in stock, which roughly means 70 000 EUR cuts.

Zoltán VINCZE, Managing Director

Herlitz Hungária Ltd.
The whole investment was returned in the first month after it was first introduced because of the fact that regional reps were able to visit more customers a day, thus they could record more order.

Zoltán VINCZE, Managing Director

Herlitz Hungária Ltd.
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